The below listed E-Journals has been IP enabled and any number of simultaneous users can access, browse and download the same from anywhere within the institution by clicking on the URLs provided below.



IEEE-IEL Online http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xplore/home.jsp
Springer e-Journals http://link.springer.com
Elsevier Science Direct http://sciencedirect.com
ProQuest http://www.search.proquest.com
Taylor & Francis http://www.tandfonline.com
K-Nimbus Federated Search Engine http://knimbus.com/user/auth.do
Sage Journals http://online.sagepub.com

E-Journals Copyright Rules

The e-Resources are licensed for the non-profit educational use of the Institute. Copyright law governs use of these e-Resources.

Users should respect copyright law and the library is not responsible for any legal consequences arising due to copyright violation.

Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions. Forwarding electronic versions of articles or the use of electronic articles for commercial purposes.download entire journal issue or databases or an entire e-book, are strictly prohibited

Why should we not do the above things?

Improper use can result in denial of access for the whole Institute to all electronic journals from a given publisher. Access to e-Resources is based on license agreements with publishers.

Library users are permitted to make digital copies of individual documents, that is, to download an individual document temporarily to their own hard disc for non-commercial purposes only.

Under the terms of use it neither permits forwarding electronic versions of articles nor the use of electronic articles for commercial purposes.